Slots Tournaments

There are more to online slots than sitting at home and continuously pressing a button. If you love playing slots and have never heard of slot tournaments, then you’ll want to know more about them. Many online casinos organise slots tournaments where you can play right from the comfort of your own home. This has brought slots tournaments to a new height as players from all over the world could join in on the action.

Much like other tournaments, slots tournaments are where a group of people compete with one another for a set time limit. The winners are the ones that have the best performances under the tournament rules and will receive a prize. Participating in online slots tournaments will greatly enhance your casino experience and gives you an opportunity to win great prizes. Check out some of the best casinos on the internet that offers exciting slots tournaments now:

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How slots tournaments work

Before you start joining any event, it’s best to first know how they work. Although different tournaments operate under different rules, the basics of how they work are quite similar. Most tournaments will require you to buy-in to be eligible to participate in it. Buy-ins can come in the form of a simple payment, wagering a certain amount on a particular game, or a minimum amount of cash deposit.

The buy-in size and number of players will determine the extent of the prize. Generally speaking, the larger the entry fee, the better the prize. The casino will use the buy-ins to feed a prize pool which will be shared by the tournament winners. Casinos usually take a cut from the entry fees for running the tournaments.

When the tournament starts, all players will receive the same amount of credits to play on a selected slot game for a given amount of time. Do note that you’ll not be able to withdraw these credits and they are merely used to measure the participants’ performance. When the time is up, the players with the highest amount of credit in their machines will win. Some tournaments work in a tiered format where the players are divided into small groups and they compete within their groups with only the group winners being eligible to participate in the tournament’s final round. This type of competition usually has a large number of participants and feature an enormous amount of prize pool.

Why should you participate in slots tournaments?

Being part of a slot tournament is a great way to improve your casino experience and make it more exciting. Some of the reasons why you should join slots tournaments are:

  • The lucrative prizes – the most attractive element of any tournament is ultimately the prize. In slots tournaments, you get a chance to win a large prize with just a small entry fee or sometimes even for free.
  • The thrill of it all – if you’ve been playing slots for a while, you could sometimes feel a burn-out approaching and find the slots boring. Participating in slots tournaments will give you the fast-paced action you’re probably missing and rekindle the joy in playing slots. New players will still benefit from the stimulation of slots tournaments which can’t be found elsewhere.
  • Having a set bankroll – if you’re not a very disciplined punter and often spend more than you’ve planned to, slots tournaments let you experience the fun of gambling while making sure that you can’t spend more than your entry fee.

Types of slots tournaments

While slots tournaments usually share the same basic rules, there are different types of tournaments that you should be aware of. Understanding the different types of tournaments will help you decide if you should participate in them and if yes, which ones.

Perhaps the most appealing type of slots tournaments are the free-to-enter ones. Free roll tournaments are where once you’ve opted in, you’ll get a set amount of credits to play within a limited time frame. The aim is to win as much as possible and there are often more than one winner. You can take part in some tournaments by invitations only. These invitational tournaments are organised by casinos as an exclusive event for its loyal customers. These are often free with a small number of participants but can have very attractive prizes.

Although you’ll need to put in a sum of money to enter paid tournaments, they can be very much worth your while. Sit n Go slots tournaments will only begin once it has reached a minimum number of required participants. On the other hand, scheduled slots tournaments will start according to a set time, regardless of how many people have bought-in. Scheduled tournaments are generally larger in scale while Sit n Go tournaments don’t usually have a large group of participants.

How to join a slot tournament?

The requirements for participating in a slot tournament differs between different online casinos. Most of the time, you’ll need to first create a real money account at the casino before you can register to enter any promotional events organised by the casino. You can check the “promotions” section of the website to see when is the next available slots tournament or subscribe to the casino’s newsletter to be updated on the tournament schedule. Once you’ve found the slot tournament you’d like to join, simply register by following the steps which will be clearly shown on the website.

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Slots tournaments strategies

Although winning slots tournaments usually require some luck, you can increase your chance of winning with certain strategies:

  • Understand the rules first – before you even begin to consider entering a tournament, make sure that you understand exactly what the winning conditions are. Avoid tournaments where the winner is chosen based on the amount of cash they wager. This is not a fair deal for you and can result in unhealthy competition amongst participants.
  • Make preparations before the tournament starts – you want to be fully prepared before going into any slot tournament. Make sure to eliminate all distractions and to ensure that you’ll be able to play the full duration of the entire tournament without interruptions. This can include going to the toilet before the start of the tournament, close any unrelated computer programmes that could interrupt your game, and turn off your mobile phone, just to name a few.
  • Focus 100% on the tournament – slot tournament winners always put their full concentration in playing in the tournament. If you land on a win, don’t stop to celebrate nor try to calculate how much credit you have left. If there’s a leaderboard on the display, you should ignore it and only pay your attention to putting in as many spins as possible.

Start your slot tournament journey now

Playing in slots tournaments can help you gain great mileage on your bankroll, not to mention the fast-paced entertainment you’ll get out of the whole experience. If you’re still not entirely sure that you might like these tournaments, try one that doesn’t require an entry fee. This way, you won’t lose any money while still have the opportunity to win yourself a nice share of the prize pool.